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Hello, friend…(another) printable

I don’t know about you, but there is definitely truth to the old saying, “It is better to give than to receive.”  I LOVE giving gifts to unsuspecting people.  And, suspecting people too…

I created this little printable tag to stick in the gifts I give.

A cute, simple note to write on.

And along the same lines of “giving,” I have the free printable to share! :)

And here is the link to the free printable!    hellofriend



Dry Erase “Board” Calendar

I’m loving this new idea of free printables! Here’s another one for you guys to enjoy!

(And it’s super useful too!)

The perfect size calendar to throw into an 8×10 frame and stick on your desk!  AND have room to write!

It’s perfect to put on an end table, counter, etc.

Here you go! ENJOY!

Calendar Printable

(btw, my printed calendar looks a tad different than the one i have for you guys…I ended up having to tweak it a bit for convenience.)

Free Printable- Permission Cards

Ever wish someone would just give you the permission to do something?  Who do you, as an adult, get to ask permission from to play, vent, cry, dance, etc?  I decided it’s time to GIVE OURSELVES permission!

Every morning I grab one of these cards out of the bowl.  The word I pick, for example “express”, is my motto word for the day.  I keep it in my head and when the word fits the situation throughout the day, I use it.  If I’m frustrated, I’m allowed to “express” it (keeping it G-rated and not harmful to myself or husband/kids :).

It’s actually really freeing to allow yourself a pass for the day!

You are just a link away from having your own!  I have included the free printable below!

Permission Cards