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MIA + cookie decorating

I feel like I’ve been MIA lately. Maybe it’s because my mind really has been, therefore making it pretty hard to do ANYthing! But, I’m back for now and ready to do this happy post! :)

One of my sister’s recently had a baby…girl!  Third one, but just as precious as the other two!  Name: Victoria Kay. Yes, I love the name!  She knew ahead of time what she was having, making it very (too) easy to accumulate gifts for her!  One of the gifts I thought she’d enjoy was cut-out cookies!  I started cutting, all excited to decorate them so cute-ly.  By my 3rd pan of baking (with 4 more to go!) I wished I was done….ugh!  But I survived, with a little help from the Hubby and one of the princesses, so it wasn’t so bad.

♪ ♫ I get by with a little help from my friends…♫ ♪ (The Beatles)

My cookie cutters are from The Cookie Cutter Company. GREAT selection and low prices!

Right before I started, I was desperately trying to find any store that carried “Meringue Powder.” I called every store around here I could think of–to no avail. (We don’t have many stores around here…) So, again, improvise right? I looked up the Royal Icing recipe that did not call for meringue powder. (here). It actually tastes great and works well!

Come to find out a few days later that Wal-Mart DOES carry it in the craft/wedding section. (Gggrrrr! >:( @the walmart worker that said they didn’t carry it!)

Funny how I don’t remember it being so bad decorating cookies when I was little. But we had about triple the amount of help I have…hmm.

I started off strong, but by the end the cookies I did and my 3 year old did were pretty close in the running of most artistic. ;)

☺ Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! ☺

(BTW- I’m a little jealous of LifeAsAWife…four WHOLE days on a mini vaca with just her Hubby and no kids. Sigh.  Someday soon it will be my turn!)


Cupcake Liner Obsession.

I’ve seen a few pictures of noodle holders filled to the brim with cupcake liners.

Instantly I was hooked!

After a few times of browsing through the thrift stores, searching for a noodle holder, I improvised.

The straw holder that was just sitting on my counter was the PERFECT solution!

Now, every time I see cute cupcake liners, I buy them and in they go!

ChRiStMaS BaKiNg

The finished product

I figured I would get a post up of one of my Christmas baking projects one day before we get too far away from Christmas.  This is a doughnut recipe that comes from one of my aunts and is a favorite around our house.  Good thing my kids and DH love them because otherwise we all know who would end up eating them all.

It is a yeast doughnut recipe so I did have to let the dough rise and then once they were fried up I decided to sugar coat, glaze coat and frost some with chocolate frosting. Then I just had to add my sprinkles for  a festive touch! I ended up giving some to my MIL because she had been hinting around for some the last time I made a batch, so it made a perfect Christmas gift for her!

Cute Cheap Christmas Gift.

I have been having the urge to make caramel candies, but haven’t gotten around to getting myself a candy thermometer. Well, today I had no choice. My friend invited me over to make caramels with her, and she even picked me up my own thermometer! So, armed with my new thermometer and a good caramel recipe, we tackled our little pipe dream. They taste great (too great) and this recipe made a TON!

My dear husband tells me “We are NOT giving them away!” Glad he likes them…I’m sure he won’t mind that we give some to his Grandmother, the girls’ Great Grandma. Tough luck, honey. The less we have in the house, the less my waistline is!

DIY Colored Sanding Sugar

While contemplating whether or not to tackle the job of baking and decorating cut-out cookies, I hopped online to get my motivation up and stumbled across this blog (l.o.v.e.!). After browsing through her BEAUTIFUL cookie displays, I decided I could tackle the job! And, why not, while I was at it, color my own decorating sugars.

Add desired amount of sugar into baggie.

Then, add a drop (or depending on richness of color needed, maybe more) of food coloring on to sugar.

Quickly, seal and mix, shake, squish, etc. the sugar to evenly coat the coloring.

Open baggie and allow sugar to “dry” for about 5 minutes, avoiding clumping.

Also, I wanted my blue to be a little lighter, so I tried adding more sugar once the color was dry (duh)

and ended up just getting a mix of blue and white crystals.

My mess… ;)

Store in baggies, salt/pepper shakers, used baby food jars (with holes in top)…or whatever you come up with!

My Brilliant Idea = Fail!

I thought..”Oh perfect! I can make ‘dusting powder’ using the same technique with powdered sugar!”

Ha ha! It was a major no-go…oops! No colored dusting powder here!

I baked the cut-outs (which btw, I have absolutely no shapes! Well, Halloween ones!) using THIS recipe.

Decorated with my neat colors and a little help from K…(and no, I do not profess to be a Champion cookie decorator. You’d think I’d have the patience, since it’s a pastime of ours, but nope- after the first one I am wishing I was finished!) And yes, one pan was ‘forgotten’ a little too long in the oven! :P

**In hind site, I should have used a little coarser sugar because the fine sugar gets a little swallowed up by the frosting. I went with what I had on hand, but in the following picture, I picked up some coarse sugar and tried it. Have yet to decorate with it, but I think it will show up a little better.