The bustle of Christmas time.

I have had the busiest past three weeks! Not only did I totally move my bedroom from one room to another, my whole craft room got moved one floor up! So between rearranging my life, the girls, and Christmas time…PHEW! It feels good to wake up today and be a little less busy. (even though I woke up to a sick girl… )

Yesterday, I started the day off with.. “honey, I’m going to get the tree today”

Soo…that was code wording for –  I BETTER GET BUSY!

I totally redid the arrangement in the living room and added some decorations to boot.


Redid my plain-jane lampshade.


A little lace, burlap, and fabric goes a long way.


Our lovely tree..thanks to my honey ;)


Spruced up my curtains.


Hung the stockings.


Reupholstered my couch cushions.


This is a couch over and I just redid the cushions. The original color is a hideous orange! But, while we’re renting, we don’t want to purchase brand new furniture. So, I learn to improvise.


I fell in love with the pattern and color.


Cute Christmas owl pillow that I won at a Christmas party. :)


Put up another banner on my mirror.


Some of the tree ornaments.


My very own ornament from my parent’s tree. This is 25+ years old!! (it makes it “vintage”…hehe.)


I WISH I could remember who/where I got this cute angel from! It’s simply adorable!

This was my day yesterday….hopefully I can get my new bedroom and craft room on here at some point!

Ta Ta for now! :)

Happiest Holiday wishes to you!


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