DIY Advent Calendar

This year, I was DETERMINED to make an advent calendar. I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest. But, I was pressed for time to make a super-duper cute one, so I went with the easy method (and cheap).


Just some holiday treat bags from the Dollar Store…filled with a little treat for every day!


The first morning (yesterday), my daughter was SOOOO excited to open it. I made her wait until after breakfast, which, she did…but then wanted to open ever single one! Doesn’t really understand the concept yet. :)

Then on the last day, they get to open the last bag, which is filled with treats AND open a small Christmas box with an extra gift in it…but ONLY if they are good! Think I’ll be able to use that bribery for 22 more days?! :S

Happy December!

**Apologies for the awesome quality pictures. They are done with my phone because my oh-so-dear husband DROPPED our camera while walking around hunting…and we never found it. And it started to snow that night…so needless to say, I’m camera-less. :(


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