M.I.A…and no REALLY good excuses…

So it’s been a while…no, actually it’s been a LONG while! I have no good excuse. In February, my husband got a job 13 hours away from home. Talk about fun…not really. So over the summer, me and the girls were back and forth between there and home. It was…adventurous…to say the least! Now, finally, we are back home and (almost) getting settled back into our routine.

Does that really excuse me? No, but hey, my hiatus was much needed for our family. ;)

On another note, I am wondering why this book…


is not in every household in the world. It’s INSANE good. Even if you just want some common knowledge, it. is. worth. it. My husband and I aren’t following exactly step-by-step, but let me tell you, it makes me think twice, triple, quadruple, about money and how we spend it! And, ask my dear husband, I never really gave too much thought about it before! Now, I catch myself thinking, “Do I really need to buy this when I could either make it or do without it?” It’s been an awesome revelation to me! Totally recommend it to anyone even a teeeeeeny bit interested in how to get a hold of your money.

Ta-ta for now! (it feels GREAT to be back!!!!!)


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