Ooommm! Easy Peasy Yoga Pants!

Remember I had pre-ordered this book? (this post)


Well, I received it a couple days ago! I love it! There are such cute patterns that I’m planning on trying for my girls. Last night I took a crack at my first project…wow, was it easy!!


I did a pair for my teeny-tiny 1 year old…and they are a bit big, but I’d rather that than small!


And I did a pair for my 3 year old…which I did in 4T so she has room to grow. She loved them so much, she slept in them! (SCORE! She’s my picky-dresser!)


The instructions and patterns are so easy to follow…at least for the yoga pants!  I’m fired up to try more of these patterns!

Happy Day to all!


One thought on “Ooommm! Easy Peasy Yoga Pants!

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