MIA + cookie decorating

I feel like I’ve been MIA lately. Maybe it’s because my mind really has been, therefore making it pretty hard to do ANYthing! But, I’m back for now and ready to do this happy post! :)

One of my sister’s recently had a baby…girl!  Third one, but just as precious as the other two!  Name: Victoria Kay. Yes, I love the name!  She knew ahead of time what she was having, making it very (too) easy to accumulate gifts for her!  One of the gifts I thought she’d enjoy was cut-out cookies!  I started cutting, all excited to decorate them so cute-ly.  By my 3rd pan of baking (with 4 more to go!) I wished I was done….ugh!  But I survived, with a little help from the Hubby and one of the princesses, so it wasn’t so bad.

♪ ♫ I get by with a little help from my friends…♫ ♪ (The Beatles)

My cookie cutters are from The Cookie Cutter Company. GREAT selection and low prices!

Right before I started, I was desperately trying to find any store that carried “Meringue Powder.” I called every store around here I could think of–to no avail. (We don’t have many stores around here…) So, again, improvise right? I looked up the Royal Icing recipe that did not call for meringue powder. (here). It actually tastes great and works well!

Come to find out a few days later that Wal-Mart DOES carry it in the craft/wedding section. (Gggrrrr! >:( @the walmart worker that said they didn’t carry it!)

Funny how I don’t remember it being so bad decorating cookies when I was little. But we had about triple the amount of help I have…hmm.

I started off strong, but by the end the cookies I did and my 3 year old did were pretty close in the running of most artistic. ;)

☺ Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! ☺

(BTW- I’m a little jealous of LifeAsAWife…four WHOLE days on a mini vaca with just her Hubby and no kids. Sigh.  Someday soon it will be my turn!)


One thought on “MIA + cookie decorating

  1. LifeAsAWife says:

    These are so cute, love cut outs but boy do they take some patience!

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