Year Of Pre-Planned Dates

Remember the link I posted:

A year of pre-planned, pre-paid dates. I loved this idea so much, my gears were set in motion. I made a list of possible dates, activities, supplies needed, etc.  It was actually fun to think of ideas, and the more I listed ideas, the more ideas I came up with!  By the end of doing the date-cards, I wished there was more than 12 dates! (Not that I couldn’t make more, but I figured start with these and save some ideas for next year!)

(Don’t mind the mistake in “snowmobiling”.)

The idea behind these dates is it forces you and your spouse to get out every month, at least.  They are all pre-planned, so no more last minute, stressful ideas.  It forces you out of your element.  My husband and I love to go on dates, but always end up going eat at the same local restaurant!  And all of the dates are pre-paid! So, no worrying about how much the night is going to cost, if you can squeeze it into the budget this month, etc.  I suppose this should have been given to him at the beginning of January, but next year hopefully I can add it into the Christmas presents.  The envelope opening will even be fun for me because I have already forgotten which months are which dates! :)

My husband opened January last night…a bit hesitant as to what it was all about because he thinks my date ideas are Bahamas or Hawaii…ha ha! (Someday when we’re super-rich!) He now understands that they’re just inexpensive (sometimes no expense) dates that I have planned! :)

I am also in the midst of making a Parent-Child date basket. My idea is every other month my husband and I will take a turn taking the girls for a pre-planned “date.”  (January-husband, February-me, etc.) So far, some of my ideas are, playground, swimming, sledding, ice cream, dinner, toy shopping, etc.  It’s just a fun way to spend quality time with the girls and use it as a fun reward for good behavior.


2 thoughts on “Year Of Pre-Planned Dates

  1. kermofutah says:

    That’s really cute and a good cure for the “dinner and a movie” rut.

  2. Agreed. It forces you to plan fun dates that you normally wouldn’t do! I had a ton of fun planning them!

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