Book Review and Project Results

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered this sewing book. I’ve never owned a sewing book and was interested in what kind of projects it had.  I looked it over when it came in the mail, but didn’t actually crack it open for a while.  There are some cute, simple, quick projects.

The directions are okay to follow.  You definitely need prior sewing and pattern reading experience. I followed the directions pretty close, but was able to throw in my own way of doing it also. I’ve only tried two of the purse patterns, so I don’t have any say-so on the rest of the book.

Below are two of the handbags that I did. The red one I sent to a friend of mine who had her first child after trying to conceive for 7 years! And the black and white one, I use for a diaper clutch for myself. It’s perfect size and my daughter has outgrown needing a whole diaper bag.

I also am on the pre-order list for this sewing book. It doesn’t ship until March sometime, but I’m excited to try some of the projects in it!  By March, I’ll probably forget about it and receive a forgotten “gift” in the mail! :) Love getting stuff in the mail!


One thought on “Book Review and Project Results

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