DIY Project Links

Here are some projects I plan on trying at some point. Thought I’d share the links.

(click on image to get tutorial.)

And, here’s a good laugh for those of you who have had this happen to you before! When I showed it to my husband, he smirked and said “That is bad when that happens!” Poor guy, he’s had it happen more than once!

Have a great day! :)


7 thoughts on “DIY Project Links

  1. kermofutah says:

    Oh, those are SO going on pinterest.

  2. Thanks so much for linking me! :)

  3. shannon b says:

    thanks for the link! And, oh my, that crystal mobile is beautiful!

  4. Candace says:

    Thanks for the link! It’s great to meet two other “crafty” sisters! :) The cartoon is funny…I’ve been there!

  5. Diana says:

    I am pinning just about ALL of these! You are a genius! THANK YOU!

  6. Hannah Carden says:

    I really love the mobile. I have tried to access it but it won’t let me :( I really would love to either purchase one or make one. HELP!!!! :)

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