Pediped Makeover

My youngest daughter got a beautiful pair of Pedipeds as a baby gift. Well, these are just the greatest baby shoe EVER!  The only problem is they are white and my daughter is a crawler….therefore the toe ended up being dirty and worn looking while the rest of the shoe was in great condition!

(How cute are these shoes?!)

So, needless to say, I searched in vain to find a before picture of her shoes…but could not find any. And I promise, she wears these shoes everywhere! But, use the imagination you have and picture the toe worn down to the underneath leather.

I used my SoSoft Fabric Paints to repaint the toe part. I added some of my Jacquard Pearl Ex powdered pigments to the white paint to color the flowers a tint of shiny pink…and here are my results!

I could have used a whole different color, but white was easiest being that the rest of the shoe is white already.

Cute! And they have worn pretty well with the paint on them. I’m assuming they will wear a tad better when she starts to walk…(which can be any day now, according to her mom! My 3 year old was never a shove-everything-in-her-mouth baby…but man alive! this one sure is and I have to constantly be aware of my floor status!)


Whaddaya think?

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