Easy Peasy

So  I have never been what I would consider “naturally creative”. Not like my sister The InSane Housewife. It does not come naturally for me to just create, I have to work at it, plan it out.  I can’t just dive into a project blind by how its going to turn out. That does not mean that I can’t DO creative things, I most certainly can, just like any of YOU who are reading this can.  I am still wondering what my God-given talent is, I’m sure some day I’ll find it (or maybe I have and I just don’t appreciate it or realize it yet).

SO as usual I am off on a tangent…getting back on topic, EASY PEASY.  These headbands are just that.  So simple and yet so cute.  You just cut a strip of an old pair of nylons (or buy the cheap new ones) and attach (hot glue) any type of flower!


Whaddaya think?

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