Not a Thing Beats Homemade

I have been in a mood lately where I want to bake/cook everything! I see new recipes and I have so many printed off to try that it just all starts to feel a  bit overwhelming. But I have been very blessed with a husband who is willing to eat just about anything, so it makes it easier and alot more fun to experiment with new recipes.

SO with that being said I am going to post about no, not a new recipe, but a meal that is quite easy and very tasty (if I do say so myself) that we have pretty often in this house.

It is Chicken Salad served on homemade flour tortillas that are OH SO EASY! You can find the flour tortilla recipe here.

I use my kitchen aid to mix up the tortilla dough

Once the dough is whipped up (and divided into 8 equal size balls) you roll it out as thin as possible and fry it up in a large skillet to brown both sides like so:

So those are the tortillas –  next is the Chicken Salad (I actually usually do the chicken salad first and have it chilling in the fridge while I do the tortillas-that way the tortillas are served warm and fresh!)

Chicken Salad for Sandwiches

3 c. cooked chicken, cut up                                  1 T. onion, chopped

1/4 c. Henri’s dressing                                           salt and pepper to taste

1/2 c. relish (or to taste)                                        1/4 c. miracle whip

1/2 c. celery, cut up

Mix. Chill. Spread on bread of choice.

And voila! A meal which I serve with chips and homemade salsa courtesy of the DH’s aunt.

My photos are taken in my kitchen which has horrible lighting, I think I need to start taking the photos in a better lighted room.  Also as you can tell I need to invest in some prettier display dishes.


One thought on “Not a Thing Beats Homemade

  1. Yum, I’ve actually been looking for a tortilla recipe…so thanks! :)

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