DIY Colored Sanding Sugar

While contemplating whether or not to tackle the job of baking and decorating cut-out cookies, I hopped online to get my motivation up and stumbled across this blog (l.o.v.e.!). After browsing through her BEAUTIFUL cookie displays, I decided I could tackle the job! And, why not, while I was at it, color my own decorating sugars.

Add desired amount of sugar into baggie.

Then, add a drop (or depending on richness of color needed, maybe more) of food coloring on to sugar.

Quickly, seal and mix, shake, squish, etc. the sugar to evenly coat the coloring.

Open baggie and allow sugar to “dry” for about 5 minutes, avoiding clumping.

Also, I wanted my blue to be a little lighter, so I tried adding more sugar once the color was dry (duh)

and ended up just getting a mix of blue and white crystals.

My mess… ;)

Store in baggies, salt/pepper shakers, used baby food jars (with holes in top)…or whatever you come up with!

My Brilliant Idea = Fail!

I thought..”Oh perfect! I can make ‘dusting powder’ using the same technique with powdered sugar!”

Ha ha! It was a major no-go…oops! No colored dusting powder here!

I baked the cut-outs (which btw, I have absolutely no shapes! Well, Halloween ones!) using THIS recipe.

Decorated with my neat colors and a little help from K…(and no, I do not profess to be a Champion cookie decorator. You’d think I’d have the patience, since it’s a pastime of ours, but nope- after the first one I am wishing I was finished!) And yes, one pan was ‘forgotten’ a little too long in the oven! :P

**In hind site, I should have used a little coarser sugar because the fine sugar gets a little swallowed up by the frosting. I went with what I had on hand, but in the following picture, I picked up some coarse sugar and tried it. Have yet to decorate with it, but I think it will show up a little better. 


2 thoughts on “DIY Colored Sanding Sugar

  1. Wow you have so many bottles of coloured decorative sugars! they look so happy! Did you just us granulated sugar or caster sugar here?

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