The bustle of Christmas time.

I have had the busiest past three weeks! Not only did I totally move my bedroom from one room to another, my whole craft room got moved one floor up! So between rearranging my life, the girls, and Christmas time…PHEW! It feels good to wake up today and be a little less busy. (even though I woke up to a sick girl… )

Yesterday, I started the day off with.. “honey, I’m going to get the tree today”

Soo…that was code wording for –  I BETTER GET BUSY!

I totally redid the arrangement in the living room and added some decorations to boot.


Redid my plain-jane lampshade.


A little lace, burlap, and fabric goes a long way.


Our lovely tree..thanks to my honey ;)


Spruced up my curtains.


Hung the stockings.


Reupholstered my couch cushions.


This is a couch over and I just redid the cushions. The original color is a hideous orange! But, while we’re renting, we don’t want to purchase brand new furniture. So, I learn to improvise.


I fell in love with the pattern and color.


Cute Christmas owl pillow that I won at a Christmas party. :)


Put up another banner on my mirror.


Some of the tree ornaments.


My very own ornament from my parent’s tree. This is 25+ years old!! (it makes it “vintage”…hehe.)


I WISH I could remember who/where I got this cute angel from! It’s simply adorable!

This was my day yesterday….hopefully I can get my new bedroom and craft room on here at some point!

Ta Ta for now! :)

Happiest Holiday wishes to you!


DIY Advent Calendar

This year, I was DETERMINED to make an advent calendar. I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest. But, I was pressed for time to make a super-duper cute one, so I went with the easy method (and cheap).


Just some holiday treat bags from the Dollar Store…filled with a little treat for every day!


The first morning (yesterday), my daughter was SOOOO excited to open it. I made her wait until after breakfast, which, she did…but then wanted to open ever single one! Doesn’t really understand the concept yet. :)

Then on the last day, they get to open the last bag, which is filled with treats AND open a small Christmas box with an extra gift in it…but ONLY if they are good! Think I’ll be able to use that bribery for 22 more days?! :S

Happy December!

**Apologies for the awesome quality pictures. They are done with my phone because my oh-so-dear husband DROPPED our camera while walking around hunting…and we never found it. And it started to snow that night…so needless to say, I’m camera-less. :(

M.I.A…and no REALLY good excuses…

So it’s been a while…no, actually it’s been a LONG while! I have no good excuse. In February, my husband got a job 13 hours away from home. Talk about fun…not really. So over the summer, me and the girls were back and forth between there and home. It was…adventurous…to say the least! Now, finally, we are back home and (almost) getting settled back into our routine.

Does that really excuse me? No, but hey, my hiatus was much needed for our family. ;)

On another note, I am wondering why this book…


is not in every household in the world. It’s INSANE good. Even if you just want some common knowledge, it. is. worth. it. My husband and I aren’t following exactly step-by-step, but let me tell you, it makes me think twice, triple, quadruple, about money and how we spend it! And, ask my dear husband, I never really gave too much thought about it before! Now, I catch myself thinking, “Do I really need to buy this when I could either make it or do without it?” It’s been an awesome revelation to me! Totally recommend it to anyone even a teeeeeeny bit interested in how to get a hold of your money.

Ta-ta for now! (it feels GREAT to be back!!!!!)

Great book = slacking on the housework

ImageI discovered this GREAT writer a while back, and within a few weeks (literally) read every one of his books. Yesterday morning, after little debate, I purchased his newest book via Kindle. Needless to say, the whole day was shot as far as housework went, fed my girls enough to survive (kidding) and read the entire thing from front to back. It’s great, like all of his other books, and I recommend it to ANYone!!!!!! You will not regret getting sucked into this author’s world.


Ooommm! Easy Peasy Yoga Pants!

Remember I had pre-ordered this book? (this post)


Well, I received it a couple days ago! I love it! There are such cute patterns that I’m planning on trying for my girls. Last night I took a crack at my first project…wow, was it easy!!


I did a pair for my teeny-tiny 1 year old…and they are a bit big, but I’d rather that than small!


And I did a pair for my 3 year old…which I did in 4T so she has room to grow. She loved them so much, she slept in them! (SCORE! She’s my picky-dresser!)


The instructions and patterns are so easy to follow…at least for the yoga pants!  I’m fired up to try more of these patterns!

Happy Day to all!